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sam, i think we kinda got jossed regarding felicity not being in love with oliver after what marc said. they're mutually in love and have been the whole time, it seems. well.
- ohmypreciousgirl


No, I say not jossed yet!

Cause, see, I think she can still be in love with him and be completely unaccepting/unprepared for HIM being in love with HER and be unwilling to do anything about it.  

I have yet to do my massive Felicity rewatch to establish my feelings on her exact feelings, but I did just rewatch 2x08/2x09, and I noticed something interesting.  Felicity’s lack of interest in dating Barry only comes after Oliver reveals his secret - and yes, she’s not happy with Oliver, but I think, then, Barry becomes less interesting to her as well as a viable romantic partner.  All her interactions after that point are more friendly and much less flirty (even if she does deny having anything with Oliver) - and I think that is, in a large part, to she thinks due to the life she’s led and leads, she’s better off with someone uncomplicated, someone who won’t have the power to break her heart into itty bitty pieces.  

She’s never pursued anything with Oliver - and she’s had opportunities (well, sort of.  That brief time before Sara and right after the island).  Even after Slade, and even if they are mutually in love, the idea of them dating comes as a surprise to her.  When she talks to him on the island, it’s not her trying to trick him into confessing his feelings; it’s her trying to restore the balance.  The first thing she says to him, after all, is how smart it was, the way he tricked Slade.  

Implying she wants him to agree it was a trick.  

And all he does is say he had help.

So she goes further, saying she almost believed him, waiting for him to say otherwise, emphasizing how unthinkable they are, but he doesn’t say otherwise.  Boy just beams at her.  

And yes, part of her denial has to do with Felicity’s massive insecurity issues, without a doubt.   But I think, given Marc’s latest, part of it also has to do with her willfully ignoring it because if he loves her, then that means her own feelings go from something she accepts but doesn’t act on to something she can’t push away anymore.  

All of that, plus Oliver pushing them to act on those feelings in the date + Marc’s quote about ‘telling someone you love something that could make them not love you’ makes me veeeeeeery curious about their date/the talk and solidifies our theory that Felicity is freaked the fuck out by the depth of his feelings, regardless of how much she loves him.

This season will be the season of them learning that they can be in love with each other and be together without breaking their own and each other’s hearts.   

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"If the Supernatural universe could crossover to any other universe which one would you choose?"

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Why I’m A Feminist

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From : Paul Blackthorne

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Stephen Amell Heads To The Set Of “Arrow”

"Arrow" star Stephen Amell heads to the Marine Building to film interior scenes for his hit show on July 28, 2014 in Vancouver, Canada.

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Dude that actually makes sense!I always believed that in the end of season 2 he couldn´t even think about felicity for more than friend because of slade and he used her as bait because of his determination to bring him down he was so blind he used the woman he loved as bait anyway Thanks OLICITY TODAY OLICITY TOMORROW OLICITY FOREVER
- itshatetherealworld


so glad it made sense!!!

and hahahah i LOVE that, `olicity today, olicity tomorrow, olicity forever’ i am totally using that from now on

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